You’re Not Alone: Reason #1

29 Nov 2013

You’re Not Alone: Reason #1

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You’re Not Alone because no matter what you are going thru, some one, some where has gone through something similar and they found a way to deal with it, face it and come out on the other side. I know these words will not make the pain go away or necessarily make the pain any easier to endure but perhaps they will provide some hope that whatever you are going through it is only temporary and you can conquer it.

Now, there may not be anyone you know right now going through what you are dealing with but I promise you that everyone around you has something they are trying to cope with. Perhaps they don’t like themselves, their family is dysfunctional, they don’t know how they are going to live with the pressure to succeed or the expectations to be a certain way, they want to be accepted by their piers and/or family, they don’t understand why bad things happen, what meaning is there in life, they feel alone, angry, lonely, confused and just want to be understood and loved.

This is what the name Also-Me represents. You can turn to anyone around you, in a room of five people or five hundred people and say Also-Me (me too), I’m confused, hurt, angry, insecure, depressed, need help, feel overwhelmed some times, want some one I can talk to, just want to be happy and know what to do next. Everyone and I mean everyone, not matter how popular/unpopular, what they look like, rich or poor, young or old, doesn’t matter the color of their skin or where they live, everyone has something they are trying to deal with. If someone tells you they don’t have something they are lying to you and themselves.

The difference is that some people accept that they need help and struggle. They aren’t afraid to admit it, stand up and say I can’t do it alone, I need help. It isn’t easy to do, you risk people judging you and once you admit you need help you become accountable for doing something about it.

Don’t be afraid others will judge you if you ask for help. Everyone has something, don’t worry about those that aren’t able or willing to admit it, be brave enough to face what is yours and do something about it!

Remember, You’re Not Alone!