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Tim Kreider is the founder of Also Me and the author of Refuse to Drown, the story of the events involving his son Alec that inspired him to create Also Me.  Tim shares his journey and messages with schools, youth groups, churches, and other organizations.

Tim talks about: P1010504

  • What happened with his son and the effects it had on him
  • How to put life’s challenges into perspective and get help
  • The struggle we all face in choosing the easy way vs. the right way
  • The power of forgiveness
  • How we are never alone

In today’s world, with so many people struggling to find: hope, meaning and healing – these are powerful messages that everyone needs to hear!

What people are saying about Tim’s speaking:

“On  this  particular  afternoon,  I  watched  him  engage  nearly  50  teenagers with his story “Refuse to Drown”, as they were inspired, willing to openly communicate  about  their   challenges,  and  able  to  learn  how  to  deal  with  their  anger  in  a  more  positive  manner.    Spending  an  hour   with  Tim  was  life  changing  for  these  teenagers!…  Tim  is  a  great  advocate  and  speaker!  Those  who  have  the  opportunity  to  work  with  him  will  not  be   disappointed.” – Kevin  Snyder, CEO, Bethany Children’s Home

“I am so happy that we had Tim Kreider come and share with our youth group. His story was so powerful and moving, he had the students engaged the entire time. I loved how calm his demeanor was and how fluid and clear he was in his communication. I know that the students were greatly impacted. We closed with a Q&A time after Tim shared, and the students had some deep and thoughtful questions. Tim does a great job relating with the students and their struggles. He addresses felt needs, captures their emotions, and gives great direction and application in the end of his presentation. I have already begun to see students opening up with their struggles and at least taking the steps to share them with someone and seek help, as Tim encouraged them to do in his presentation.” Philip Thomas, Pastor of Student Ministries, Christ Evangelical Free Church

“The students were able to grab different things from the talk… everybody has a story, rising above obstacles, refuse to drown, no matter what life throws at you do the right thing, etc.  Everybody in the room was engaged and interested in his talk.  Everybody learned something.  Tim was able to keep it real, keep it interesting and keep them wanting more.”  – Beth Zullinger, Massage Therapy Program Director, Berks Technical Institute

“Your powerful story and faith journey were an inspiration for us all.  So many people shared that they felt connected to you when you spoke about guilt, forgiveness, acceptance, and mental illness in families.  Many identified that events in their past have defined them, however your message of hope and healing lets them know that through Christ there is another way.” – Emily Frantz, Director of Youth Ministry, Myerstown United Church of Christ

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