Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

Sometimes we need to clear our minds of the thoughts and ideas that take hold and fill up on positive and encouraging messages left to us by others.  The following links and pages are offered with the hope that they bring you peace and a sense of contentment about your current situation.


Words of Faith

Inspiration, hope and wisdom included in the Bible.  We encourage you to explore the Word. In so doing, it is our hope that you will find the guidance, grace and love that is there for all of us.

Short Stories

Check out these short stories. There is something for everyone.

Words of Wisdom

A short saying for the day; a pick me up when you are down; a different perspective; knowledge handed down through the ages; lessons of life; motivation; direction and hope.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Fortune — good luck; success; prosperity.  Did you ever really pay attention to the fortune you received in that little cookie? Take a look at some of these…


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