About Also Me



What others are saying:

“I finally took time to visit your website and I must say I was overwhelmed and touched with the out pour of compassion and sincerity that I felt in viewing it…I will certainly forward this and recommend it to anyone that I feel might benefit from it…” — Dee

“After checking out the Also-Me website I just keep thinking that the possibilities are endless and that there are so many people who could benefit from it.” — Steph

“It’s cool.” — Cameron

“I was present during the testimony you gave about your life altering family events. Your strength and ability to bring that story to others as well as providing a place for young adults… is a tribute to your belief that we can all help each other… I am sorry for your tragedy but your strength brings us hope and strength to others like me. If any good can come out of such a tragic event, you have done that.” — Cindy

Why was Also Me started?

In June of 2007 my oldest son, who was 16 at the time, was unwilling admitted to Philhaven, a local mental health hospital.  It had been evident for a long time that Alec was struggling but he refused to talk about it. When he finally agreed to speak with a professional he wasn’t honest about what he was feeling and thinking. He did everything possible to hide his torment from everyone around him. Now it was finally coming out. He had significant psychological and emotional obstacles to overcome. It was frightening news for all of us and we hoped that it wasn’t too late for Alec to get the help he needed.Unfortunately, this was only the beginning and things soon took a tragic turn for the worse. (For more information see Refuse to Drown)

During this darkest time of my life a light shown through. It was the idea and hope that it was possible to take what happened in my family and use it to help others.Out of this time and events the idea of Also-Me was born.The name Also-Me originates from something my youngest son said when he was a small child. Instead of saying, me too, he would say “also me”. This little phrase stayed with me throughout the years and when we decided to begin to build an organization to help others it seemed like the perfect name.

Every one of us faces struggles, hardships, doubts and challenges in our lives. If we are in a room full of people, we can look at anyone in the room and say, me too or “Also Me”. I hurt. I have doubts. I feel afraid.  I feel alone. I want meaning and a purpose in life.  I need to be loved.  Also Me!

Everyone, either now or at some point in their lives, has felt one or all of these.  We are not alone.  The goal of Also-Me is to help youth and anyone else that may be struggling to find help before something tragic takes place. If just one person or family finds the help they need through Also Me it will be worth it. You may not be comfortable talking to someone you know.  Perhaps you don’t know where to turn, think you have to do it alone or don’t think anyone will understand. Help is out there.  People do care and you can get help. No matter what you may be going through.

We are all doing life together, you are not alone, remember you can look at anyone and say Also-Me.

God Bless,

Tim Kreider, Founder Also-Me