Your Attitude, Your Decision!

29 Nov 2013

Your Attitude, Your Decision!

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It’s so easy to take what others say and do and make it our own.

A friend has a bad attitude and complains all the time.  Maybe it’s about school, work, another person or just in general.  Do we join them and adopt the same bad attitude?

Someone cuts us off in traffic and road rage sets in.  Perhaps someone treats us rudely and it completely changes our mood.  Things don’t go well at school, work or at home and we let it bring us down.  Do situations like these affect how we feel and treat others?

Our attitude is one of the single most important things we can control in this world.  It isn’t an accident that one of the largest section of quotes on the Also-Me web site is the “attitude” section.  (see the “Hungry For Words” tab at )  It is that important! Our lives are greatly dictated by our attitude and it is “our” attitude we own it and we are responsible for it, good or bad!

“The mind is like a fertile garden. It will grow anything you wish to plant – beautiful flowers or weeds… Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.”  Bruce Lee –  What are you planting?

We do not have control over anything else in this world: not our family, friends, class mates, strangers we meet, the weather nor what others say or do.  None of it is within our control.  When I first realized this it was a rather frightening thought.  “I am helpless to control anything.”  “I’m at the mercy of everyone else.”  But after I thought about it,  I realized that I have a lot of control  over the most important things in my life!

What I am able to control is what I say, think, do and believe.  This is more important than any other influence in my life.  It is my choice.  How I react to a situation is up to me.  You have the same ability and control.  Don’t give in to a negative attitude.  Don’t let others influence your happiness.   Make the decision today to take control of your attitude.  Your attitude is contagious … is it worth catching?

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