We all make mistakes…

29 Nov 2013

We all make mistakes…

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We all make mistakes.  Those around us make mistakes.  We hurt each other.  We let each other down.  Parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, co workers, family and others all hurt us at one time or another.

What do with do with it?  Do we get angry?  Hold on to the hurt?  Do we talk about it and work through it or do we refuse to forgive and decide to stay angry?  When we hurt another do we sincerely apologize?  If someone apologizes to us, do we accept it?  Each of us needs to be big enough to do both.  There will be a time when every one of us needs to apologize for something we’ve done and when we need to forgive some one for what they have done.  Far too many individuals, families and relationships suffer from a refusal to apologize and to forgive.

Is our anger worth all that we lose?  We don’t only damage the relationship with the person we refuse to forgive but we damage ourselves.  Anger is like a poison that slowly eats away at us.  When we harbor anger towards another it takes away part of our joy in life.

When I think of all the relationships where: an apology has not been given or accepted, anger is clung to over a “wrong” committed years ago, pride is put before love and anger is preferred over forgiveness, my heart aches.

So much lost… for what… pride, fear, anger, guilt… let it go… whatever it is… we all need to… Doesn’t your heart ache too?

Today, let’s think about all of the people that have hurt us, that we are still angry with and that we have hurt.  It doesn’t matter if it is because of something that took place 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago.  Let’s make the decision, today, do we need to forgive or apologize and then do it.

You’re Not Alone!