Leave Me Alone!

29 Nov 2013

Leave Me Alone!

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A poem by a guest blogger that speaks to bullying in our society.  You’re Not alone!

Leave Me Alone

You’ve seen it on T.V.
Its nothing new, how they lie about the truth
Bashin, smashin and crashin
People high, bringing them low
Making them the main show
All of this trickles through the layers of morals
And no one sees
Because of its acceptability it falls further into society
It begins to affect you and me, we just don’t see
Just by seeing the headlines on T.V.
About people who couldn’t take it anymore
Sadly leaving this world in horror
We say, so sad but keep moving on
Living this way no one has won
Why don’t we stop and help out
Whoever said words will never hurt me lives in a shell
Because we live in denial and ignore our trials
Till they fester too large for us
Some will cry, some will go insane and some will go in vain
We just don’t see the results, till its too late
Our words and actions can affect people’s fate
We just don’t see it build or demolish people
We want to wish things better
But wishes will never heal wounds or scars
So we will not go too far
Just out of respect, don’t treat people any less
Because then we wouldn’t be in this mess
What you say doesn’t affect me, why should I care
Bullying isn’t rare, I can’t stop it
Neither can you and that’s true
Little do they know, that we can help people grow
By caring and saying just one nice thing
You can make someone fell like a queen or king
Just one last word and I hope it’s heard
Because bullying is just people like you and me
Abusing our freedom of choice, using our voice

CMK 17