Choose the “Right” Way – not the “Easy” Way

29 Nov 2013

Choose the “Right” Way – not the “Easy” Way

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When faced with a decision about what to do it is amazing how the easy choice and the “right” choice are rarely ever the same thing.

As you go throughout your day consider the decisions you have to make.  How often do you choose the easy way instead of what you know is the right way?  Pay careful attention because we are masters at convincing ourselves that the easy way is actually the right way.  It may be because we do not want to deal with the consequences of the right choice or perhaps we really want the easy way and we convince ourselves it is okay because of our own selfish desires.

You see, the interesting thing about us is that if we are honest with ourselves and look deep inside when we have a choice to make we always “know” the right thing to do.  The problem is that we may not want to do it, we may be afraid, our emotions may take over or we may simply give in to a desire for the wrong choice.

The right choice often involves stretching ourselves, doing something that we aren’t comfortable doing, facing our fears, flying in the face of the “popular” choice and risking being attacked by those that want the easy way to prevail.

It is a daunting task to choose the right way over the easy way, but in the long run you will prosper when you choose the right way, even if it may seem more difficult in the short run.

What are some examples of the easy way vs. the right way?

What if someone is picking on your classmate or friend?  Do you stand up for them and let the other person know what they are doing is wrong?  Do you ignore it or do you join in?  I’m confident you all know what the right thing to do is but do you do it?

What about not studying for a test or doing your homework?  Do you take your lumps and admit you didn’t do your work or do you cheat?

You’re at a party.  Friends are drinking, smoking and having sex.  What do you do, the easy thing or the right thing?

You are struggling with depression, feeling alone and angry.  What do you do?  Keep it to yourself, pretend everything is fine, try to handle it on your own OR do you admit you need help and seek it out?  You may think the right way is to try and deal with it on your own and keep it to yourself.  Unfortunately, that’s the easy way.  The hard path and the right path are to admit you need help, you cannot do it alone and seek help.  When you do this you become vulnerable and your trials become public. You are now accountable for changing things.  You have taken ownership of your problems.  Now you risk failing if you cannot deal with things.  This is the hard way but the right way.  This is the path that will lead you to healing.

Every day we all have to make coices that involve the right way or the easy way.  Some may seem small and others we know could change our lives forever. Either way, big or small, doing the “right” thing is always the right choice.  What do you do?

When faced with a decision, look deep inside, realize the right choice and have the courage to make it.

You’re Not Alone!