Bullying – Stop It!

29 Nov 2013

Bullying – Stop It!

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My heart aches at the recent headline in People Magazine, “Deadly Bullying”.

In the past month there have been 3 teens that have taken their own lives, with the common thread being that each one was tormented by their classmate(s).

This is a tragedy on so many levels.  Why is it still such a common behavior to bully and torment a classmate?  Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated problem only found at “those” schools in the magazines and papers.  In spite of the anti bullying education and zero tolerance policy at my 17 year old son’s school he tells me verbal bullying is common place.  Youth groups I’ve sat in on say the same thing.  Cyber bullying, gossip and verbal abuse are prevalent in our middle schools, high schools and universities.  Why?

Are so many young people and teens that lost, unhappy or striving for social status and power that they need to hurt someone else?   Do we need to tear someone else down so that we feel superior to them?  What in our society has created an atmosphere where the feelings of another simply don’t matter?  Why do others that see the behavior not take a stance to stop it?  Everyone, at some point in their life, has been bullied, made fun of or treated like they don’t belong.  We all know how much this hurts. Yet it continues.

As for the one being bullied, we need to reach them and help them understand this is only temporary.  Whatever you are going through today, will not last, some day it will not matter.  No matter how much it hurts today, it will pass!  It is difficult but you must push through whatever you are experiencing.  Trust me, the pain, embarrassment or whatever else you are feeling will one day all be a distant memory. The bullies in your life will fade away and no longer matter.

This is a call to action for everyone: Young or old, the bully and the bullied.   It’s time to change.  I challenge all of you to take a stand and do what is right.  You all know what is right and when you are not acting in that way.  You simply need to be honest with your self, each other and have the courage to do the right thing.  As I’ve said before.  The easy way and the right way are almost never the same thing.  Do what is right!  Remember, You’re Not Alone!

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