Twin Brothers

What effect does our environment have on who we become?

In an effort to find out, let’s follow the lives of twin brothers.  They were born into a family where the father was a drunk and abusive to them and their mother.  He couldn’t hold down a job and made the family’s life miserable.  As a result the brother’s childhood was stressful, frightening and at times a challenge just to survive.  Eventually their father abandoned all of them, never to be heard from again.

These two boys grew into men and took what they had learned and experienced out into the world.

The first brother had grown into a mirror image of his father.  He had been married and divorced.  He couldn’t hold down a job.  He had a drinking problem and barely knew his children.  His behavior was abusive and angry.  To him life wasn’t fair and he simply abandoned all hope and responsibility.

The second brother was happily married.  He had a successful career and worked hard to provide for his family.  He was a loving and responsible husband, father and productive member of society.  To him life was good and he enjoyed sharing his life with others.  His life and attitude was a positive example for everyone.

The brothers were asked, “Why do you think your life turned out the way it did?”

They both gave the exact same answer.

“With a father like mine how could I have turned out any other way?”

Life is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you. 
The choice is yours!