Personality Test

Want to now about your personality?

Are you a Warrior, Mastermind, Expert or Romantic

Understanding yourself and others

Below are 8 sections, each with 4 statements labeled “a”, “b”, “c”, and “d”.  After you read the statements a,b,c and d choose the one that you like the best and put a “1” nest to the letter which matches the statement: put a “2” on the line of the statement you like next best: a “3” in the next and a “4” in the next one you like the least.


a.     A really good restaurant

b.     Family and/or friends

c.      A new place or situation

d.     A competitive and/or learning situation




a.     A well structured company

b.     A people oriented company

c.      A creative company

d.     A fast growing, risk motivated company




a.     A job or project that makes sense

b.     A job or project that benefits others

c.      A job or project that is different and exciting

d.     A job or project that is mentally stimulating



a.     A good physical relationship

b.     A meaningful relationship

c.      New relationships

d.     Challenging and/or competitive relationships




a.     Rewards based on consistency

b.     Rewards based on loyalty

c.      Rewards based upon originality of ideas

d.     Rewards based upon merit and achievement




a.     A good ball game

b.     A moving emotional experience

c.      A new and different experience

d.     A winning experience




a.     A task that one can see and touch

b.     A task that makes one feel good

c.      A task that calls for one’s imagination

d.     A task that requires logical reasoning




a.     Steady work

b.     Harmonious work

c.      Changing work

d.     Efficient work






When you are though ranking the items, click on the “Calculate Total” button to add up all the numbers in columns “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. The lowest number is your dominant trait and the lower the number the more likely you are to possess the indicated traits.



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